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Starting a Business

can be simple and straight forward with the right planning. However you may find yourself in trouble if you don’t follow the right path. A business starts with an idea. But just a good idea alone is not enough. You must have answers to many more questions such as  

What is My Strategy to Sell My Products ? “How do I Turn My Good Idea into a Great Business ?” “How do I Find Money ?” “What Licences and Registrations Do I Need?”

You must have answers to all these questions before you start. You need careful analyzing and planning followed by getting resources and registrations before you can start a company. You can follow these four steps to start your business.


We must draw a plan (business strategy) to convert the idea into a business. The plan must consider handling different aspects of a business such as the market, operations, regulations, & resources, etc. Starting a business without a strategy is like walking blindfolded.


Based on the strategy, an organisational structure should be created with departments and designations. This structure should contain clearly defined departments and units of the company as well as job roles with descriptions of the tasks that make up the job. This will answer the questions who will do what.


You need resources like money, people & technology to operate your business. Once you have a plan and a structure for your business we need to draw a plan for the resources. If you don’t have a plan on what you want and when, you’ll now be able to execute your business strategy.We can help you in raising finance and recruiting people.


The next step is to register the business.Every business needs a registration to be legally recognized. Company registration is the first step of this process. Tax registration and brand registration should follow Company incorporation. Depending on the industry you will need licenses, approvals and registrations such as Customs registration, tourist board approvals, etc.

Our Services

CRS offers a comprehensive range of services for Business start ups. We will assist you from inception until you setup the company. Once established we will assist you to manage the stability and growth of your business.